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Construction Fixings

Rawlplugs, Metal Anchors, Throughbolts & More

Here at Severn Valley Fasteners we specialize in offering a complete range of fasteners and sundries to UK engineering, manufacturing, petrochemical & construction industries.

​We stock a large range of Construction Fixings available in many different materials including Steel, Stainless Steel & Brass with numerous thread types and finishes.

• Throughbolts
• Wirehangers
• Ankerbolts
• Sleeve Anchors
• Drop In Anchors
• Shield Anchors
• Heavy Duty Anchors
• Chemical Anchors
• Injection Resin
• Studbolts
• Internal Threaded Sockets
• Hammer Screws
• Nylon Nail Plugs
• Nylon Screws
• Rawlplugs
• Wall Plugs
• JCP Fixings
• Rosetts
• Ankernuts
• Self Drilling Screws
• Tek Screws
• Frame Fixings
• Cavity Fixings
• Aercon Anchors
• Frame Fixings

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20/4/12 - Severn Valley Fasteners now have all Stainless grades available from stock. Read Latest News Post
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